Marine Design

CMS specialise in the design of various vessel types and lengths using the latest local and international rules for classification and certification. CMS listen to our client’s needs and requirements to gain a full and complete understanding of what is important.

CMS have experience across multiple vessel and material types including steel, aluminium, composite technology and timber. CMS base all new designs on existing and proven hulls which are continually reviewed and updated through our research and development program which provides the best possible outcome for performance and operational profile. With our broad range of experience across multiple market segments, CMS are available to provide designs that consistently meet our client's expectations.

At CMS we take the time to ensure that the initial design meets all the requirements of our clients which is verified through our certified ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation. CMS designers and naval architects work as a team to ensure that all operational and functional requirements are achieved. Commercial Marine Solutions carry out conceptual vessel designs with both 2D and 3D CAD modeling which allows clients to fully visualise their vessel in full as well as eliminating issues associated during construction.

                            CMS have a range of designs available meeting commercial standards and can customise an existing design or for the astute boater can be used recreationally. 

Fishing Boats

Work Boats

Crew Boats

Passenger Ferries

Landing Craft

Charter Boats

Jack-Up Barges

High Speed Patrol

Pursuit Boats

Emergency Response Boats


Floating Facilities


Riverine and Estuary Patrol


CMS has extensive experience is designing with aluminium, steel, FRP (composite) and timber to both local and international survey standards, including:







Australian Standards